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Govt must airlift trapped Nigerians from Liberia before crisis worsens

LogoDaily Independent Online.         * Tuesday, April 8, 2003.

Area boys attack Obasanjo’s convoy

By Eze Ekuma-Ibe

Daily Independent, Lagos

Lagos social miscreants, known as Area boys, on Friday attacked the convoy of President Olusegun Obasanjo after his campaign rally in Oshodi, Lagos.

For fear of the security men, they did not attack the President and all those close to his car.

However, those that were trailing at the rear fell victim of the Area boys’ mob.

On the ascent of the Oshodi bridge, the miscreants positioned themselves to carry out their planned action.

Just as the President passed by, they descended on unsuspecting Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members and supporters, who wanted to join the President’s convoy to avoid been caught up in the crawling traffic jam on the bridge.

The miscreants were seen wielding bottles and other dangerous weapons, which they used on the victims and their cars.

When our reporter got to the scene, they were seen hitting vehicles and beating up their occupants.

The worst hit were the tricycle drivers, beneficiaries of the Obasanjo ‘Keke NAPEP,’ who had attended the campaign to show solidarity with the President. The miscreants were heard asking them why they joined PDP to come for a campaign in Lagos.

It took the timely intervention of the policemen on duty on the Oshodi bridge to rescue the victims. When the security men saw that their baton could not scare away the hoodlums, they started to throw canisters of tear gas, which forced them to run away.

According to eye witnesses, the miscreants claimed that they were members of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) and did not want to see PDP campaign in their ‘territory’. 

Other sources said they had expected such a reaction from the miscreants in Oshodi, which is their hideout. According to them, “no one hosts anything in Oshodi without settling them with money to avoid violence. Probably the area boys were not given money by the organisers of the event.”




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