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Govt must airlift trapped Nigerians from Liberia before crisis worsens

LogoDaily Independent Online.         * Tuesday, April 8, 2003.

Angola: Beyond the peace accord   


In Luanda, Angola, last Friday, Government and citizens celebrated the first anniversary of the peace accord between the State and the former rebel group, UNITA. But the effusive outpourings of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos could not drown the discordant tunes in the background. Thus, while the President enthused, “this is a great day, now we have peace,” some citizens reasoned that it has taken the government too long to make something of the newfound peace, and that cessation of rebel activities should translate into enhancement of living conditions.

 Daily Independent rejoices with the Government and people of that country for achieving the peace that has eluded a number of other countries, notably, Sudan, Algeria, Liberia, and even Cote d’ Ivoire. But like the ordinary man on the streets of Luanda, we urge the authorities there to plan and channel the resources of that oil-producing country to the improvement of life and infrastructure.




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