Anambra at 12: Nothing to Celebrate, Says Gov
From Charles Onyekamuo in Awka

Anambra State Government yesterday celebrated the 12th year of the creation of the state with the state governor, Dr Chris Ngige, insisting that the occasion did not call for celebration since the provision of basic infrastructure and other social needs have not been fully actualised.

In a broadcast to the people, the governor, noted that at the age of 12, Anambra was expected to perform certain level of functions and achievements, compared to what was obtained in other sister-states.

"Our roads are still in deplorable condition, there is no drinking water in our urban cities and the rural areas, many of our rural communities have not been electrified, and until now, civil servants, teachers and pensioners have not enjoyed payment of their salaries and stipends as and when due," he said.

Ngige said there had been cases of social insecurity and mistrust among the people, adding that these problems were compounded by the high level of corruption, ineptitude, insensitivity and lack of sense of direction on the part of the people who handled the affairs of the state in the past.

"Again, I say there is nothing to celebrate, going by the problems this young administration was confronted with when it was barely six weeks old".

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