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Chanchangi, Albarka shun new air fares

LogoDaily Independent Online.         * Thursday, August 28, 2003.

Exam malpractices are a scourge that must be rooted out

In a bid to unearth the factors that have grossly debased Nigeria to this pathetic, grovelling mass we are currently left with, it is a most surprising and disheartening to find that what we are contending with are not massive, catastrophic, earth shaking events, but a series of mere termites that have been allowed to gradually eat into the fabrics of the nation, leading to the collapse of age-old structures that were meant to support a vibrant and growing nation. Recently, Nigerians were treated to a most humiliating parade of examination miscreants and their ignoble accomplices. Students, teachers, supervisors, and professional ‘examination writers’ have been fingered in this most unworthy exercise.

Daily Independent deplores this ugly trend and regrets that in recent times, parents are mostly responsible for its widespread while the government is yet to do enough to convince onlookers that it is truly serious about stamping out this menace.                                     

Examination malpractice is an old story that has become part of our process and indeed a very ugly barometer of how far the nation has degenerated. From the much earlier days of the West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) and now spreading to even younger examination boards, this malaise has polluted the system and given Nigeria a culture that is totally alien. This legacy of the military in Nigeria, which resulted from a disorientation of value of the system occasioned by a wholesome subversion of our moral order, has extensively undermined the worth of the certificates that are issued in Nigeria, as they are no longer a true representation of academic competence. The juveniles of those earlier days, who have become the parents of today, are very bad examples of what is proper and what is not as, yielding to the intrigues of modernisation, they subsequently try to assuage their guilty conscience by engaging in all sorts of nefarious activities to appease their wayward children. They collude with their children to either bribe or punish officials and teachers and foster what is indeed, an unhappy development, and a true cankerworm in our system. The teachers in themselves are also guilty of greed as they have forfeited the more glorious virtues of earlier days to seek unworthy Mammon and thus sell their conscience to the Devil.

Something desperate and definite therefore needs to be done to unclasp the stranglehold of this vice on our society through highly deterrent measures that would make being a culprit most unsavoury. Government needs to revisit the issue of strengthening the existing laws relating to examination malpractices as well as begin immediately to enforce them.  On their part, parents are seriously encouraged to execute due benevolence to their children by living out a legacy of integrity and bequeathing them with something more worthwhile than the papers they currently carry around as certificates, which of course leave them frustrated as they find out that employers of labour have long begun to place more interest on what the grey matter holds, than on the worthless papers they carry.




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