Thursday, December 11, 2003 

Defence Ministry promotes democratic value in Army

By Ruby Rabiu

The Ministry of Defence has introduced a programme to promote democratic values and enhance civil-military relationships and coordination, resource management, doctrine and training management systems.

The programme, known as the Civil Military Assistance programme is aimed at ensuring accountability from the military as demanded by democracy.

The programme is expected to help the military in this democratic dispensation in order to support the president and the National Assembly.

"Among other initiative of the Military Professional Resource Incorporated (MPRI) is the office of legislative affairs established in the ministry of Defence to allow the ministry address itís problems and speak with "one voice" on matters placed before the National Assembly." Says defence ministry statement.

It emphasised some major functions of the legislative affairs which include, to promote goodwill, provide factual information, gain mutual understanding and respect, foster effectiveness and efficiency particularly in the budget process, impact favourably on the National Assembly understanding of the ministry of defence since issues concerning defence are complex particularly the budget.

The legislative affairs will also advice the national assembly on defence matters since they need trusted advisors who can provide timely, sound counsel and experts who donít emerge overnight.

The civil-military assistance programme will be "focusing on civil military relations, resource management, the development of doctrine, training management and operate the armed forces simulation centre at the command and staff college in Jaji.