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African leaders set to crush coup in Sao Tome

LogoDaily Independent Online.         * Thursday July 17, 2003

Senate rejects Borisade as minister

By Abdul Jelil,

Daily Independent, Abuja.


After undergoing a marathon scrutiny thrice, the senate yesterday finally rejected former Minister of Education Prof Babalola Borisade as a minister in this dispensation, thereby putting an end to the waiting game of what befalls the electric engineer.

Having 65 senators voting against his candidature, the dream of Borisade becoming a minister again was put to rest in spite of efforts made by most southwest senators, including the senate president, in ensuring he scaled through.

With the rejection of Borisade, and the withdrawal of Dr. Adewale Oladipo by President Obasanjo, the senate also confirmed the remaining three nominees putting the total number of those confirmed by the upper legislative chamber as ministers to 38.

Meanwhile, Obasanjo has replaced the nominee from Osun state, Dr. Oladipo with Eng. Bashir Ishola Awotorebo for confirmation by the senate as a minister.

“Following my letter Ref. No. PRES/134 of July 14, 2003 informing you about the police report on Dr. Adewale Oladipo and my subsequent withdrawal of him as a ministerial nominee, I hereby present Eng.  Bashir Ishola Awotorebo (Osun state) as a replacement for Dr. Oladipo and for confirmation by the senate,” the letter from the president read on the floor of the senate said.

On the rejection of Borisade,  the senate committee chairman on information, senator Sanusi Dagash told senate correspondents that his rejection was not because of corruption but that his tenure as a minister in the last dispensation was evaluated and he was found wanting in all ramifications.

According to the senate spokesman, most of the old senators had direct dealings with Borisade as minister and his public relations was not too good enough, “he shunned most of them while carrying out his duties, the deputy senate president wrote 22 letters to him, and he did not acknowledge any of them, so was the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, who wrote about five letters without getting a reply on any. And these letters were on issues relating to the development of education generally.

He did not pull his weight enough to bridge the gap between the presidency and the stakeholders,” Dagash explained. At the commencement of plenary session, when the senate president had put the question as to the confirmation of Borisade as a minister, there appeared to have been equal “ayes” and “nays” which put the senate president in a fix but still ruled in favour of the “ayes”.





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