LG Reforms Timely, Says Lawyer

Federal Government's plan to restructure the third tier of government has been described as a necessary check on the misuse of public fund at the local government level across the country.

Chief Bon Nwakama Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) stated this in Owerri while briefing journalists on the planned reforms.

He said nothing substantial had been put in place within the last four years to justify the huge financial commitment made to the various local government authorities.

He decried what he called "sheer number of local government areas" across the various states, adding that increase in the number would not solve the problems peculiar to that level of government. Chief Nwakama, however, faulted the federal government for not throwing open the issue of local government reforms for public debate.

The SAN argued that a debate and formal referendum ought to have preceded the reform itself, rather than the reform taking place before the public debate.

He stressed that the federal government should have set up a committee to determine the nature of the reform, which must take a uniform pattern nationwide.

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